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Thursday, June 09, 2016

So I found a notebook to keep

As a ledger for my finances (such as they are),  and on the inside I had never noticed that the back cover had all sorts of useful and strange measurements,  like gills,  rods,  and (one I had heard of but didn't know)  hogsheads. I include it here for your pleasure, and perhaps, use. And I had no idea a township was a standard of measure.

I went to the bank after work and talked to a woman there who couldn't set me up with overdraft protection,  since my credit had taken a dive,  but was able to refund two of the charges,  so that was a total of $72. So,  I was able to pay my rent,  get $15 worth of gas (it won't last two weeks,  but at least I'm off the gas light),  two small automatic debits will go through,  and I have $47.07 for food.  For two weeks.  But that's better than being negative ten dollars before and incurring another fee,  without any food or gas.  It's something.  So I must be very frugal.  No soft drinks at work,  for example.  Flour is the top on my list,  as I need it for bread and it's cheaper than buying bread.

I called over to the library about the tech position and left a voice-mail for the director.  Hopefully she'll call me back.  If not,  I'll apply anyway.  Can it hurt?  And I'm considering working at Kroger if that doesn't plan out,  especially the Chinoe one,  which I prefer to shop at because it's small.

I think that's all I can do on the money front today.  I've recorded things into the book.  I'm going to look at my shopping list and see if there's things I can get for less than $40 that will last until the 23rd. Fortunately I'm good on cleaners and health/beauty products.

I think I'm going to tackle the kitchen tonight.  I also need to go to the store and get some food.  I ate herb bread with margarine for dinner.  I should probably get cheese,  peanut butter,  etc.  to go with any bread I make.  We had a donation of Vidalia onions today at work (the real deal,  from Georgia),  which they gave away,  and I brought YKWIA five and I kept two.  A friend is going to bring me some potatoes she got in bulk at Costco,  so that will go nicely with the onion.  I wonder if I have enough olive oil to make kugel?

Okay,  I'm going to do some stuff around here.  Hope your day went well.

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Bob said...

In Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the homeless boy Huckleberry Finn is described as living in a hogshead.