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Saturday, June 25, 2016

And it's finally all done!

The salmon is very blackberry-purple:

And here's everything together:

The salad is very hearty, and where it's been sitting in the refrigerator, it has quite a bite to it (there is hot sauce and chili powder in the dressing, and chili powder and cumin seasoned the black beans that are in it, too). The dressing also has half an avocado in it, and so it's heavier than a standard dressing.

The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the size of the bread, which was set on XL and did not at all look like the pictures on the website. I was somewhat dubious about 1 teaspoon of yeast--even my white bread recipes for a large, not extra large loaf, call for two. And I suspect that it would have done better on the long cycle (4 hours) rather than the fast rise, even though that was what was called for in the recipe. I'll try it again, certainly, and even though it was rather small and a little dense, the taste was out of this world. The salmon came out well, although I actually have quite a bit of the glaze left, and I now have a purple wooden spoon. I also set off the smoke alarm while broiling it at the end, so I need to remember to screw it back into the wall before I go to bed (our smoke alarms are hard-wired into the building, so they don't have batteries).

Fortunately I've done dishes as I go, so all there is left to do is put my dishes in the dishwasher, take the salmon and put it into a plastic container, and put the pan in there, too, then run the dishwasher. That's it--everything else is taken care of. I'm happily sleepy now, which is not great, as I have to pick A up at 1 am. It was a good experiment. I can give YKWIA some tomorrow and see what his expert opinion is. I'll still have enough for lunch tomorrow for me as well and lunch Monday, I think. I do need to work on my timeframe--it took about 5 hours to make everything, partly because the glaze had to cool and partly because I'm just slow. But at least everything turned out fine.

Things I would do differently:
  • Salad: I used a single cob of corn, but it was in its husk, and when I opened it up it was fairly small and frankly, immature. I may just get some canned or frozen corn next time, or at least a cob that's been husked. I also need to get plain quinoa, not a blend with brown rice, although it tasted fine.
  • Bread: I may consider adding some yeast and see what that does, and then if that doesn't work, increase the time to the regular cycle versus the fast rise.
  • Salmon: Not much different; it came out like it was supposed to, for which I'm grateful, as it was 2 lbs. of salmon, and that was something like $15. But it'll make four meals, so that's not too bad.
All in all it was a good learning experience, and tasty, too. :)

Update: I figured out what happened with the bread,  and it was user error,  not the recipe,  which calls for 1 TABLESPOON  of yeast,  not teaspoon,  which I misread even though I typed it into my recipe application correctly.  The fact that it did so well despite this is amazing.  I will have to make another loaf and sees how it goes. :) 

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