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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


This has been in my DVD queue for awhile,  but is now on its way from Netflix:


It's about an unlikely,  but true,  alliance between  striking Welsh miners and a gay group during Thatcher's tenure as Prime Minister of Britain.

So far my favorite gay-themed movies are 1) Torch Song Trilogy and 2) Priscilla,  Queen of the Desert. We'll see how this one stacks up.

I have Pandora's Make America Gay Again station playing. It's an interesting mix.

Funny,  I've always experienced Pride month and gay rights issues from a strange position,  because when I first got involved I was supportive of my boyfriend and his boyfriend (long story,  let's just say that when I was very young I was in a tri-unity 
domestic relationship that I left for good reasons) .  And of course, my best friend is gay,  and I consider him and his husband a part of my family.

But even though I,  myself,  am bisexual,  I've never really felt part of the gay community itself.  The closest was when I sang in a chorus of mostly lesbians,  but they were not really open as a lesbian chorus.  Part of that is that I haven't been in an actual long-term relationship with either gender since I divorced almost 25 years ago, just a short-lived one with a woman that was purely physical.  Maybe I need to explore things a bit before I get into another relationship,  and figure out what I really want,  and whether I prefer one gender over the other.

Okay,  I have some bread rising.  It should be ready by 2 am. I think I'll listen to the music on a timer and go to sleep for a bit, and set a couple of alarms. The bread machine,  incidentally,  will turn itself off if I don't get up in time.

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