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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I feel disoriented

I fell asleep around 7 pm and at one point woke up and thought the morning light was coming through the windows, but of course, the sun was still up. Just now I got a call from YKWIA that a man had banged on the door asking if the dog that had been hit out front was his (he drove off, even though he was the one that hit it), and the dog was dying. This is a medium-sized ginger dog that mostly stays across the street at the corner house, but roams the neighbourhood on a circuit every day. I asked if he'd checked with them, as I am reasonably sure they're the owners, and he was going to and if the dog isn't theirs, I'll go over there and we'll try to take it to the emergency vet on Southland. So I'm waiting back word. It's a sweet dog; I hate to hear that it got hit. I worry about it whenever it's out and about, as some people go down his street blazing, and it's an older dog and fairly slow. :(

So I got up and got re-oriented in time and space, and I'm drinking a big glass of ice water and fretting about the dog. I'll give him till 11:30 pm and then call back and check on it to see what's going on. I'm glad it's not either of the two that I'm auntie to. They don't normally run loose, but one is adept at taking boards off the fence, so that's sometimes an issue.

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