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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Well, the food passed muster with the expert

YKWIA said both the salmon and salad were excellent; the salmon was tender and moist, the salad worked very well. I am pleased.

I cleaned his house today and did my laundry and his, then sort of petered out about 6 pm, getting very sleepy, so I went ahead and came home and went to bed about 6:30, and I just got up at 9:30 and called a friend to see if I'm still picking him up from work and when. It's midnight tonight, so that's better than 1 am. He'll call just in case I fall asleep again. But for now, I'm up. I need to go back over my list of what I wanted to accomplish today. We'll watch the movie sometime this week. I remember the bathroom was on the list, and that won't take long, so I can do that tonight. The main trouble with the dining area is that I have clean laundry stacked up in it, so I need to move all that to the bed and put it all away. Then I need to pick up some CD-ROMS and books that are sitting in front of the microwave cabinet, clean out the ones inside, and then put the plastic containers neatly inside. Fortunately most of mine fit inside a large carrying box that should fit well under there. So let me double-check that list, and see what I can get done tonight, and finish if needed later in the week. (Well, the laundry must be tonight, if I start it, because it'll be on the bed.) But first, I need to call YKWIA about something. Good night!

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