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Friday, June 10, 2016

Oh, one sad thing

A friend has a handyman who does things like repair fence boards that his dog tears off the privacy fence, that sort of thing. He's a carpenter by trade, and he was working on some lovely hickory cabinets, as they were redoing their kitchen cabinets and counters, and my friend tried to call him and kept getting a message on the cell phone that the person isn't accepting calls right now. Being YKWIA, he tried to look him up online to see if there was another number--and found his obituary. He died near the end of May. I'd just met him, he seemed like a nice guy. We were shocked. He was in his early sixties, but still, that's not that old these days. I found his wife on Facebook, and I know YKWIA wants to send her his condolences. I am ashamed to admit that while that was the first thought he had, I was worried about the money they'd put into the cabinets and how that would be finished. But I guess I was looking out for my friend, and I really didn't know the man, having just met him the once. But YKWIA definitely had the better response.

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