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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Taking a break

I didn't actually start till 5 pm, but I've gotten the dishwasher filled, did the hand-washable dishes, rearranged the refrigerator, stocked the cupboards, combined several jars of peanut butter into one, moved the plastic containers temporarily (I'm going to put them in the cabinet under the microwave, which is technically in the dining area (I have a very small kitchen), but I need to clean that out, too, as there are books in there right now. I also boxed up a collection of jars and moved them out of the kitchen. The counters are wiped down, everything's clean and sparkling. I put all the fruit in a bowl. I will make the salad now, as the cilantro may not last very long. So I'm tackling salmon, dough conditioner, bread, and salad tonight, which will make a nice meal and most likely a decent amount of leftovers. I even found a cruet in the cabinet for the dressing.

Okay, I'll start with the dough conditioner and start the bread baking, which will be the easiest part of the evening. Wish me luck--I've broiled white fish like cod before, but never salmon.

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