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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Well, I'm about 2/3 there...

So far, so good--the salad's done (I had to cook beans, corn, and quinoa for it, so it took awhile, and I'd rather be right than speedy, so I think it took about twice as long as the recipe said, but it's my first time, after all), and the bread's 40 minutes away from being done. I'm about to do the salmon. In some ways it might be easier--you just put the ingredients for the sauce together, cook it for five minutes until the blackberries break up, then put through a strainer and simmer for 20 minutes, brush the salmon with oil, add salt and pepper, then brush on the sauce, bake, then brush again, and broil. If you're interested in the recipe, it's here. The Mexican quinoa avocado salad with orange-lime dressing is from the Minimalist Baker site.

PS When I was at Kroger, I thought I picked up quinoa, but it was actually a quinoa blend with brown rice. Fortunately it cooked fine, and it tastes fine in the salad. Next time I'll get it from the bulk area, either there or at the co-op.

PPS The bread's baking, I can smell it. And the only problems I encountered so far tonight was I forgot I don't store the food processor with the thing that turns the blade, and had trouble getting it together with stuff in it, and I also sprayed myself with hot sauce (instead of buying a bottle, I'd used packets of hot sauce I had already...yes, the hot and fire ones from Taco Bell). :)

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