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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Just managed to get in

before the heavens opened up, as a strong band of storms is making its way across Central Kentucky. There's lots of lightning and wind out there, but I managed to park and get inside before the rain actually started. I'd taken YKWIA to an appointment this evening, and he'd had fed me some great green rice and homemade bread, and we'd watched 'Ugly Betty' (the season 2 finale) afterwards, and I'd washed up the dishes and then he got a phone call so I let myself out and boogied on home to beat the storm. Now I'm listening to Pandora (the OneRepublic station). I've gone onto Twitter, identified a plant someone asked about (it's a May Apple), and checked out Facebook. Now I think I'll get ready for bed and get up early in the morning. I have an appointment to take a friend to tomorrow afternoon, so it would be great if I could get in early. I sent an enquiry about a job today, one that I'm over-qualified for, but would be a good part-time job to supplement with if I could get it, in a neighbouring county. I asked about the hours ('part-time' could be anything from 10-36 for some), and if they'd be willing to consider a degreed librarian for this position (it's the tech centre's keeper, assisting people with the computers and equipment). Since it's part time, I thought they might, even though normally it would just require a bachelor's degree. We'll see. It would help to have some more money coming in, and it would give me a foot in the door into public libraries, so it might help later on when my job goes away next year. It couldn't hurt to try, anyway. I just wanted to clarify a couple of things before taking the time to apply, so I wouldn't waste their time or mine, either. Wish me luck!

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