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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Making bread

with the last of my regular bread flour, and the oats and yeast are getting low. So no more bread, most likely, until next Wednesday night late or Thursday. That makes me a little sad.

The potatoes and beans made an excellent lunch today, and I finished up the last of them for dinner. Tomorrow the plan is to take eggs for breakfast, a tuna pouch and the bread for lunch, and eat on that.

This morning even my blood was sluggish--it took them three tries to do a blood draw, and it finally worked in my hand. I didn't get to work until 9:40 because of that, so I stayed a little late at work. I'm going to try to go in early tomorrow to make up some time. Generally, this pay period, I've done very well. I won't have to use PTO for anything last week, and if I can go in an hour early tomorrow, I may have to just a half hour of PTO. Yay! I did ask if my followup appointment, which is the 30th (my doctor always does a blood draw and then has me come back a couple of weeks later) would let out before 11, as I have a library committee meeting then. The office manager assured me that I would, as I'd be the first appointment of the day. Let's hope so. It also works out that I won't have a blood draw that day, as I'll be giving blood at our workplace blood drive later that day.

After work I went over to a friend's house and took him to the store. The only ingredient that eluded us at the three grocery stores we tried was hazelnut oil. He's going to try to work around it.

Usually when I apply for a job, I just include the related work history (most likely library-related, although I include my comic book store experience because I did everything a librarian does (ordering serials for vendors, putting clients and books into databases, processing and placing books on shelves, and customer service, to name a few), and because everyone should have something a little unusual on their application that makes them stand out a bit, as one of my co-workers has pointed out to me. Hers was teaching English for a year in Martinique, which is cooler than a year at a comic store, but hey, I included what I had to work with.

But since I was considering applying at the grocery store, I wrote up a listing, with dates, of ALL my work experience, from my first job down to my current job. In 32 years I have held 18 jobs. mostly part-time. (I just realised I forgot two--I'd only listed 16 on the paper), and they lasted at a minimum 3 months and at the most 19 years (the latter is current, and slated to end next year, at 20 years). I've had up to three jobs at a time, and I didn't work full-time for any one company till 2010, when I was 43, and even then, it's at two jobs within the hospital. I have been:
  1. A docent at a historical home/museum.
  2. An interfiler (the person who used to put catalogue cards in their proper place in the card catalogue).
  3. An office clerk for a medical school, which mostly entailed shredding old applications.
  4. A food service worker at a variety of sites on the University's campus.
  5. An archives assistant who ironed and prepared newspapers for microfilming.
  6. A deli clerk at a grocery.
  7. A cashier at a grocery.
  8. A stock clerk at a large toy store.
  9. A telephone surveyor doing research for the university.
  10. An intern at the state archive processing and providing access to three years' worth of state publications.
  11. A graduate assistant doing original and copy cataloguing and providing authority control in the integrated library system.
  12. A clerk at a bagel company.
  13. The assistant manager of a comic store.
  14. A medical librarian in a hospital (current job).
  15. A cataloguer for a vendor who provided children and teen books to public libraries.
  16. A teacher's assistant designing lesson plans on the web and doing education-related research for a public television station.
  17. A clerk at a gas station.
  18. A data entry clerk for revenue cycle charges, charge reconciliation, audits, and obtaining referrals from primary care providers (current job)
So it has been varied over the years. Most of them involved working with people and customer service.

I'm getting sleepy, so I don't want to apply tonight. But I have the information I need and will try to tomorrow night, depending on what I wind up needing to do after work. In the meantime there's the bread, and I'm listening to Bastille, which I haven't in awhile. I set my alarm clock up again (I usually use different applications on my cell phone). One nice thing about my clock is that I can take a male to male audio cable and plug it into the clock, and then to the earphone jack of the phone, and then I can play music through an auxiliary setting. But every time I set the clock (and it took three tries), it would jump ahead because it thinks it needs to for daylight savings time. :( I finally got it taken care of, though. I also pulled three batteries out of my telescope and put it into the clock as a backup.

Okay, I think I'm going to go now. I've decided not to check the news tonight; it's too depressing. It was awful about the assassination of the Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, over in Britain today. She was a tireless campaigner for the disadvantaged, had worked for non-profits to better the world. She was a supporter of aiding Syrian refugees. I keep trying to remind myself that the good people in the world really do outnumber the bad. But it's getting harder. Unfortunately, in this case, it was the good person, it seems, who died. And I feel so sorry for her husband and her children, the latter of which are only three and five, according to Wikipedia. I am going to go over to Facebook and catch up, since there was an outage earlier. Maybe I'll find something heartwarming there.

Anyway, hope you have a good night!

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