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Monday, June 06, 2016

I forgot to mention

Today I processed and catalogued thirty-four books for the library,  did my OR charge  reconciliation,  brought my referral queue down to zero,  and put in my data entry charges.  I also sent several emails,  both to do with the library and the revenue cycle,  got my email organised so there are only two in my inbox,  none in sent,  and my mailbox is wide open in terms of space.  I got everything filed away except for a reminder about Sports Clinic this Friday (I'm printing names on the certificates,  putting them in order,  and putting on the seals) and there's an email for today's surgery/tomorrow's OR reconciliation.   That's it. Tomorrow I'm going to start building a book order to use some grant monies and take advantage of our vendor's spring promotion for a 22% discount. So I'm chugging along at work,  which is good. 

Okay,  I have bread baking,  so I'm going to rest for awhile and get up when it's done for just a little while.  The plan is to get up early tomorrow and do some walking inside,  where it's cool.  Tomorrow in general is supposed to be cooler,  yay. I can dig that.

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