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Friday, June 10, 2016


I'm going to finish out the night by marking a milestone--11,000 posts written since this blog started in October 2001. Yay! Today, another milestone came to mind--the 15th of this month would have been my 25th wedding anniversary, and I am so glad that this is not the case. But I haven't really been in a relationship since then, and so that's why I'm a little iffy about things like OKCupid. It's a whole different world than when I was younger. Of course, I married the first man I dated (girls, never do that, live a little first), and I'm not sure you can say we actually intentionally dated per se, as we were seeing each other for awhile before I realised, hey, I have a boyfriend. But it's been 25 years since I married, almost 25 years since I left that marriage, and therefore, it's almost been 25 years since I was in a relationship. That's a lifetime ago, it seems. I am such a different person now. It doesn't even seem, sometimes, that I really was in that situation. Here's to finding a better one down the road, hopefully before another 25 years goes by! Good night.

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