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Monday, September 15, 2014

I was feeling pretty down today

And I still am, somewhat, but a co-worker helped boost my mood earlier, thankfully, as I was in the would-anyone-care-if-I-were-gone sort of funk. I've been in some amount of funk for awhile, though. Of course, I know (as proven by my near-miss with the ankle injury when I was hit by a car) that the answer regarding other people caring is yes, but sometimes it's hard to remember that. There are several reasons for my mood, all of which I know in my heart will get better, but yeah, today was not a great day. Despite that I was very productive and helped several people who needed it. I didn't let my mood interfere with work. But inside my head was not so fun today. But I won't focus on the problems with my life in this post, but try to just weather them and do what I can to improve the situation. It's true I've been stressed of late, and I had some particularly disappointing news today, but it will get better. I have to believe that. But now I'm home, and one of the things I can do is try to work out some of the stuff at the apartment that's bugging me. Having a cluttered space tends to make me more stressed, which is bad in someone who tends to collect clutter. So a little purging is in order, I think.

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