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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Feeling a little better today

YKWIA cheered me up some,  for one. I am still feeling a little blah,  but it is nowhere as bad as it was Monday.  Today I worked and then took him to two appointments.  A co-worker who was concerned about how little I was eating yesterday brought me some tomatoes,  three apples,  spaghetti,  a jar of pasta sauce,  and some bread and bagels. And even though my gas light came on sometime this afternoon,  I managed to make it home tonight.  I will have to go by the gas station tomorrow. I still have $4 I can spend on gas. Good thing I get paid tomorrow night!  It looks like I can pay my bills out of this cheque,  thankfully,  though there won't be much extra.  But that,  at least,  is a blessing.  And at least I have new brakes and the car is safe,  even if fixing it put me in a bind. Okay,  time for bed.  Good night!

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