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Friday, September 26, 2014

Looking for ideas on personal growth?

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself
Are you someone who likes to grow? Do you constantly seek to improve yourself and become better?

If you do, then we have something in common. I’m very passionate about personal growth. It was just 4 years ago when I discovered my passion for growing and helping others grow. At that time, I was 22 and in my final year of university. As I thought about the meaning of life, I realized there was nothing more meaningful than to pursue a life of development and betterment. It is through improving ourselves that we get the most out of life.
YKWIA has taught me a lot about personal growth--he practically raised me in my 20s and 30s, as in his words, I was 'raised by wolves'. But this is a pretty nice article that puts a lot of things together for how to improve your mind, body, and spirit. Number one on the list? Read a book every day. :) Okay, I have blogged enough to make up for not posting much this week. I think that's all I had on the back burner to post. Time to step away from the computer. :)

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