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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's very quiet in the house

Which I'm enjoying for the moment. The only sounds are occasional steps upstairs where my neighbour lives. I came home directly from work and laid down for awhile and recharged. Now I'm up and contemplating doing some work on the house. I also have a movie out from the library to watch, Oculus. But I have to admit, what I'd really like to do is some reading. I realised today that it's nearly October and I can't tell you a fiction book I've actually read completely this year. I simply never seem to have time to read anymore, which is very sad for a bibliophile and librarian. I will have to make time. When I was on the bus I read more, since I'd wait at the bus stops and then there's the bus itself. But now that I have a car, I'm running, running, running, without having that cushion of time. I have several books checked out, I just haven't really had a chance to get to them. So here's the plan: work on the house for awhile and then sit down and do some reading as a reward. Okay, off to start. :)

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