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Friday, August 12, 2011

Yesterday I wrote

a long post about how several people I knew of tangentially had died recently and how important it was to live life to the fullest, and how it got me thinking about how much I react to life rather than living it.

Blogger ate that post.

It had been a bad day, one in which I'd felt totally ignored by my doctor, had felt bad due to high blood sugar, managed to make it through work and get things done but accomplished nothing at home, that sort of thing. Oh, and I started to cry at the drop of a hat for all sorts of things, and I shouldn't be hormonal right now. I was just oddly labile, for no good reason. I guess I forget that even though my meds keep me on a fairly even keel (I am bipolar), there will be bad days. And I'm sure the sugar issue didn't help. Insulin is a hormone, and so maybe my hormones in general were messed up. YKWIA also suggested that I look up perimenopause and its effect on blood sugar. My periods are getting shorter and more closely spaced, and I'm 44, so I may be starting to have issues. It's a good suggestion.

Anyway, today was much better. I felt clearer and could think straight. I felt well, both physically and emotionally. I got up early for my last session of physical therapy, and that helped my neck a great deal. My foot did hurt a bit, but ibuprofen helped. And I did get a lot done at work. I hope to get some things done tonight here at home as well.

Speaking of which, if I'm going to, I need to sign off of here for now. I may write a little later. If not, good night.

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