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Friday, August 26, 2011

Yay, I finished the notes and it's just 10 pm

I have eaten, paid bills, done the notes, and spoken with a friend over the phone about a grocery list I'm to fill and bring over tomorrow. Earlier I played a little Civilization IV, too, so it hasn't been all work. I haven't been on the exercise bike tonight, and it's a bit late now, but I plan to do about 10 minutes tomorrow morning.

I think I'm going to read a little Thoreau before bed. The Help will have to wait. All that posting about thinking made me want to go back to Walden. And my Borges book is in, so hopefully I can get that tomorrow from the library. I also have to get some medicine. I haven't had it in four days because I kept forgetting to refill my pill box, and then couldn't find the last few pills today when I did remember. That's not good, as it's the skin-sloughing-potential one. That should be ready by the time Kroger pharmacy opens tomorrow, so yay.

Good night.

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