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Saturday, August 20, 2011


I've cleaned out a closet, washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen except for policing the fridge and mopping, cleaned the bathroom except for the tub (which frankly I'm waiting till Monday--it scares me) and mopping, worked on the living room, taken out two tubs and a bag of recyclables and one bag of garbage. There are still some things on the table and the loveseat I haven't quite found a home for, but most of it has either been put away or thrown out. I've watered and fertilised the plants as well. Oh, and I've kept meaning to get a black ink cartridge for my printer and just haven't had a chance to go out when I've had the money and as I was straightening up I found one, unopened, in an actual correct place, but something else was placed over it. And, I decided where to put the bookshelf--exactly where the friend who is giving it to me suggested, alongside the loveseat opposite of the other. I realised there was, indeed enough room to get into the living area. It'll be a little book-lined corridor about three feet long. I also took one of the wire carts I have and am using it as a corral for library books and other media. Now I'm burning some lavender incense and listening to the album 'Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald' that one of my co-workers gave me years ago for the holidays. Here's a sample:

(I'm not sure if this is the same version--I don't think so by the sound--but 'It's Only a Paper Moon' appears on the album.)

I'm starting to get sleepy now, and of course tomorrow comes early (4:30 am). But I'm going to try to read a bit of The Help before bed. Amazing what happens when I stay up one evening. :) Good night.

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