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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wow, he had a good thing going till the cops showed up

Cops find thousands of stolen library items in DuPage apartment
A man with an extensive criminal record faces trial for theft, after police reported finding thousands of items in his apartment he apparently stole from area public library districts to sell over the Internet...Jackson is accused of stealing the items, as opposed to legally borrowing them using a library card. He allegedly sold them online through an undisclosed web site. Other libraries whose items were recovered were not named.

James Jackson Arrested In Large-Scale Suburban Library Theft
Jackson's Amazon.com account included a long list of books he had for sale, along with another list of items he didn't have on hand, but promised he could "acquire" for interested customers, Wilke told the Daily Herald.

Man, talk about brazen. There were so many books, DVDs, and other materials they had to take them away in a box truck. He apparently also researched books to see which were expensive and could be sold online readily.

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