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Friday, August 05, 2011

It would figure

that after I finally bought an application for my phone, a very similar one was offered by Amazon for free. Both allow you to wake up gently, and the features seem to be the same, even down to shaking the phone for a snooze. One thing I really like that Amazon is finally doing, however, is gauging whether or not the application offered is compatible with my device. That should lead to a lot less negative reviews for the applications. I had to delete two that I got--Plants vs Zombies and Pac-Man--because they didn't work. Yesterday I checked on whatever the free one was for the day, and it popped up that it was incompatible. The clock one (Alarm Clock Xtreme) today is. Oh, well. At least judging from the screen shots, I like mine (Gentle Alarm) better. :)

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