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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted

Saturday was a mad scramble to finish the notes and then go to a friend's house to move more books, which also included dusting. But I'm getting a book case out of it. I got home late because there was a storm and I waited until it passed. It was eerie being in a neighbourhood without power, and wending through the streets on the bus. About 20 feet in front of me as I was walking to the bus stop a skunk ran across the road. I'm glad he and I didn't meet face to face. :)

Sunday was the game prep, a small Kroger run for just a few items, and then the game, in which we finished an adventure. I got home around nine-thirty, but was terribly tired, and went straight to bed, waking up just long enough to have a short conversation with the game master over my thoughts on it--short because I faded out on him so quickly.

Today I was still tired. The weekend is usually very draining for me. That may be why I spend so much time sleeping during the week. I got about four hours' sleep Friday night and three-and-a-half on Saturday night. It was all I could do to stay awake during work.

I made a conscious effort to eat healthfully today. No ice cream or chocolate or Pop-Tart for me. Instead I have a Luna bar for breakfast, veggies, milk, and shrimp for lunch, an apple for a snack, and for dinner it was a toasted bagel and cream cheese and a banana. Granted, they are still pretty carb-laden. But it's a start. Tonight my blood sugar was down below 200 for the first time in awhile (granted, it was 195). My results from my doctor's appointment are in but I can't get them online until I get a username and password, which they're supposed to be sending me. (If I don't get them, I'll call back tomorrow, and just ask for the a1C over the phone and remind them to send me the e-mail.)

After work I visited a couple of friends for awhile and finished up a project I couldn't finish this weekend. Then there was the bus ride home. In the mail I got my Amazon gift card that came from the points from my debit card. Woo-hoo! Still am not sure how I'll spend it, but I'm going to go ahead and put in on my account before I manage to lose the card. :)

It's almost time to take my Lantus and head to bed. I have to get up a little early tomorrow and go to the bank. Then Wednesday I see the neck doctor.

Okay, that's all for now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be home early enough to really do find some blogworthy news. And the rooster alarm on my phone just scared me half to death to tell me to take my insulin. Good night.

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