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Friday, August 26, 2011

I fell asleep six hours ago and now I'm awake and a little restless, even though it's 2:30 am

I went outside to stretch my legs a bit, get some air, and go to the laundry room for a soda to have with some of the squash. Here and there, people are still up watching their televisions and the like. The hallway smells like someone burnt their dinner (not me, it smelled that way when I got home).

I didn't mind falling asleep earlier; I was legitimately tired and I'd overslept this morning, waking up 10 minutes before the normal bus got to the stop. I got in at 10:30 or so, got some money from the ATM, and something to drink, and stopped by the front desk for the library's paper, when I suddenly realised the normal receptionist was not at her desk, but rather a fill in for when we have departmental meetings. I'm still not used to being part of a department. Plus it was the second payday of the month, when we schedule them. Anyway, I went to the meeting, even though I was late, and it all worked out, I was embarrassed. Apparently I should have called that boss, too, but since I don't normally start that job until 2:30 in the afternoon, it never occurred to me to call.

Today was pretty decent despite the rough start. I went to an inservice on recycling, because we're transitioning from the Rosie recycling containers to a full-blown recycling Dumpster. They gave us these little miniature plastic Rosies (they're blue bins), and I'm using mine for the tons of paper clips I pass back and forth with the operating room with the data entry sheets. I took a couple of pictures, and might update this later with one. But since I've been fascinated by miniature things since I was a child, this kind of gave me a little uptick in the day. It's about the size of a Coke can and would be about the size of one for a doll house. Strange that tiny recycling bins would make me happy, I know.

I got a ride home and after getting on the bike for a few minutes and facing a bare pantry, decided to take a chance and try to cook. I couldn't find a recipe for what i had on hand, so I just went with logical ingredients. I used a tiny amount of dill, some garlic powder, some parsley flakes, and a sprig of oregano from my pot in the front window. A little white wine in it would have been nice, actually.

I would have read for a bit, but I was tired and went ahead and turned in for awhile. Last night I was up till 12:30 doing some genealogical research, and I was so proud of staying up, but apparently I didn't get enough sleep or I wouldn't have been late this morning.

Now I'm up to take my insulin and catch up on a thing or two. I think I'll check the news. If I don't write any more tonight, good night.

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