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Thursday, August 04, 2011

One reason poorer people tend to be fat

Because macaroni and cheese is much cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables...

Healthy eating adds $380 to yearly grocery bill, study shows: Fresh food choices can feel like luxury in lean times

If I read it right, that figure is just for adding potassium, although it does point out that the study included Seattle, which is fairly affluent and where people get their potassium from fruits like nectarines that are more expensive than bananas. But still, you get the idea.

I try to at least get bananas and then some seasonal fruit each time I go to the store. Veggies are a little harder, although I've been doing salads, both at work and at home, lately. Cooked vegetables at the cafeteria are a bit of hit and miss, both in availability and quality of preparation. Now that I'm trying to learn to cook, I'm starting to look at fairly easy recipes, though, so I expect to be getting more fresh food more regularly.

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