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Friday, August 10, 2007

There is a cricket

madly hopping around my apartment building hallway. I feel like that sometimes, in fact I felt a little like that yesterday.

Yesterday I forgot to take my ADD medicine and it was so noticeable. Tonight I feel much better, and this time I remembered to do my laundry (yay!) and I was able to focus on work and game notes much better, too. Yesterday I just felt antsy and unable to focus on anything. I usually think of myself as having the inattentive rather than hyperactive form of ADD, but maybe there is a little hyperactivity in there. I just wanted to get up and move when I was trying to type the notes, for example. Usually I can concentrate much better than that--with the medicine, that is. I can already tell a difference in the dosage increase, too. I feel more like I did on stimulants, and this doesn't speed my heart up.

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