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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

See! I'm home at a decent time!

though I wasted an hour trying to get a medication that 1) is still awaiting prior autorisation and 2) was supposed to be called in at my last dosage to brige me over and that hasn't been done yet (the office told me they would on Monday). None of that is the pharmacy's fault, but this is: I was told that they 'won't be carrying distilled water in the future' when I asked where it was. Let's see, pharmacies sell humidifiers, humidifiers and other medical devices require distilled water, hmmm. They have drinking water, pediatric water. I think they may even have soda water. But alas, no distilled. Okay, I forgot to take my meds today; so maybe that's making me a little more irritable than normal. But wouldn't you expect a pharmacy (or at least one that carries the humidifiers and such, at least) to carry distilled water? Oh, well, rant over. But it's to the grocery for distilled H2O from now on, although tonight I didn't feel like going because it was thunderbooming (and still is, although now that Cerys and I are tucked away inside it's finally raining hard, so I'm glad I got in first. And we so need the rain.

I used to have a terrible phobia of thunder. Even as a baby I screamed during thunderstorms. As a teenager I dove under a table in front of company when a particularly loud one sounded. It got better slowly until my honeymoon, where we stood up on top of a hill trying to save the camp by manning wooden tarp poles, and when the inevitable bolt struck enough for everyone else to feel the electricity, I was in foetal position in a puddle of water. So for awhile after that I was pretty sensitive. But it's lessened, and now I can actually enjoy a thunderstorm--at least if I'm inside. :) Between writing and all of those ions being charged, I think I'm feeling better.

Today I was off work celebrating a birthday with Indian food. Yay! So I got to sleep late and come home early, woo-hoo! The friend I pick up at midnight most nights was off, too, so I don't have to go back out tonight unless there's an emergency. Double woo-hoo! I did have one moment where the car died today but restarted with no trouble. I'll keep an eye out for that. I know my fluids are okay; I checked them a couple of weeks ago. And it was a little low on gas (but not on empty) and I've filled up since then, so maybe it will be okay. She has over 240,000 miles on her, is on a salvaged engine, and has a door that keeps falling off, but she's gotten me where I need to go most of the time. I hope there's some life left in her.

Speaking of old but chugging along, Cerys has been sleeping really close to me, although generally not in bed anymore. She'll be right where my feet come down off the mattress, for instance, or yesterday I napped in the recliner and she slept under my feet. So I'm being really careful about where I put my feet. It's adorable, really. I think she's having trouble getting on the bed, though.

This morning I put a little gas in the car and found out that our cheques had come, so I put mine in the bank. Yay! I get paid at the hospital tomorrow and then I can go ahead and pay my rent a little early. The schedule wasn't up yet, though so I left my appointments with my boss (we'd talked for a little while about stuff to do with work) and then tonight after the pharmacy I came back to get the full tank of gas and check the schedule. I'm working tomorrow 5-9 (truck night), Friday from 6-8, and then nothing. That's right, I'm off all day Saturday. Woo-hoo! I think that's number three or four since I started in December 2005. And then I'm off through Wednesday. Granted, I'll only get paid for 6 hours for the week, but that will fall on my off payday that coincides with the next hospital payweek, so it should be okay. It won't affect my rent, anyway, and I think I can take care of my bills as long as it doesn't continue to be that low. We're shooting for about 15 hours a week rather than 27, which is what I was working for awhile. That gives me a little more time for things other than work, sleep, food, notes, and errands. :)

Okay, that's all for now. I think I may curl up for a bit and listen to the thunder.

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