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Friday, August 17, 2007

Listening to

Blue October, 'Calling You':

I don't have their album History for Sale, which has this song on it (I have Foiled, with 'Hate Me' and 'Into the Ocean'), but I really like this one, too.

I guess part of the appeal is that lead singer Justin Furstenfeld knows very much what it's like to have depression, something he's battled most of his life. Even the name of the band, Blue October, came from a time during which he was hospitalised. (Isn't Wikipedia grand for such bits of trivia?) He's also a little on the chubby side (I wouldn't call him fat, but he is chunky) and I guess the anti-pop star image appeals to me. I'm not sure I'd recommend listening to a lot of Blue October during active depression, but it's good for when you've been there to remind you of where you've been, and to distance yourself from it if possible.

Good night.

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