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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Have I mentioned recently

how much my life has improved since I left the cesspit that was my marriage? Oh, there have been difficulties, of course, many of my own making. Some have to do with having my self-esteem in the gutter after the issues of my childhood and the marriage. But overall I'm doing well, and I'm surrounded by people who care about me and also happen to be sane adults who have some sense of morality and compassion. That, I think, is one key to being happy. I probably blog about the glitches more than about the wonders in my life because, well, I usually feel the need when it's the former. But overall, things are rather good in my life right now. I'm actually saving some money and working on my debt (some of which is left over from said marriage, when I'd buy whatever Chrissy-poo wanted). I've found a perceptive therapist. My health is improving.

So it's rather interesting that about 8 months ago I happened to see some things relating to my exes that I found hypocritical and linked a couple of websites together that were apparently being carefully separated and suddenly I'm being proclaimed a crazy woman who has nothing better in my life to do but deal forth harassment. (I include the link to both the website itself and one to the definition of harassment, as Patrick reads this blog, and obviously needs a refresher in what the word means.) Since they also sicced a lawyer onto me (closer to harassment in my book), I had the opportunity to consult one who assured me that in no way was this linking actionable as harassment. If I were e-mailing, telephoning, or otherwise attempting to communicate threats, I could see the use of the word. I have actually been quite content to not communicate to them at all. As it is, I have to just put it down as rantings of an angry individual who in my experience spews forth bile at the least provocation. I'm entitled to my opinions, though, and I've occasionally let them be known here. Although I'm well rid of them both, it was an important time of my life and the relationship did have a large impact, so I can't treat it as if it never happened, no matter how much I'd like to.

Not too long ago on the same website there was the description of a 'virtual' curse that was supposed to have been aimed at me, including some really bad Latin (which frankly I don't understand, if it's a Norse curse, shouldn't it be in...I don't know...Norse, or at least a Germanic language of some sort?) Apparently he removed it after I made a snarky comment about it. The idea that any curse can be done over the computer is just laughable. As in, gee, you're not 'just on the Holodeck and can't find the arch, you don't even know you're on a Holodeck'-laughable. And since the curse as described if done for real happens to be illegal in this country (we do frown upon people killing horses, skinning them, and putting the head and skin up on big poles), I think I can safely say that these, too, were rantings of a person who is not quite as grounded in reality as he obviously thinks he is.

He has some rather nasty opinions of both me and someone close to me (who has the tendency to tell people when they're being crazy, stupid, or just plain crass--I could see where that would seem evil incarnate if you were any or all of those things), a friend who unfortunately caught a lot of the fallout in the divorce and was, by Patrick's own admission, the subject of another supposed curse. I think it's funny that this comes from someone who thinks snorting spaghetti up his nose is proper dinner behaviour, thinks dumpster diving is an art, is usually to be seen with dirt all over his shirt because he rubs it on his fat belly, plus he's been involved in 'Witch Wars' by all accounts, whereas my friend and I basically have withdrawn from the local Pagan community over just that sort of craziness. But at least from what I can tell, he's getting help, judging from where I keep running into him, and that's good, because I've never known a more angry individual. It does rather gall me that he goes on about me being fat and crazy when I believe there's some projection going on there (yes, I'm fat, yes I have issues, but it's kind of a pot calling the kettle black sort of thing, all the while attempting to seem superior and so failing). But hey, his opinions are just that, he's entitled to them, and it should be obvious to anyone who knew all of us what the real story is, and for that matter it's probably obvious to most people that he's ranting. But I did feel the need to say something here, because I've been pretty quiet about it all, and I'm thinking I really shouldn't be.

As for any money he may have sent me, as he claims, I thanked that person on this blog a long time ago and promised to 'pass on' fortune when I could, which I have done in several instances. If I'd known it was from him, the proper thing to have done would have been to burn it and eat dirt. But I'd be happy to pay him back through a mutual acquaintance.

Otherwise, I still want nothing to do with him or his partner, my ex-husband. May they get all they deserve in life and leave me in peace.

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