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Thursday, August 02, 2007

So I finished Harry Potter over the weekend

and have moved on to re-reading His Dark Materials (if you plan on reading the books, don't read the Wikipedia article; it has spoilers that are not marked as such).

Harry Potter was a good read, although it was a bloodbath that seemed a little pointless at times. Almost everything we expected to happen did, though, so that was great.

I worked a great deal last week, but I'm working shorter shifts this week. This coming week, I'm only working 10 hours at the store, though, so that's nice--and I get off this Saturday (that's the third since I started in December 2005). All the work made it difficult to read, and even this week I've been doing a lot more of my game notes (3 hours a day the last few days), so I've been getting home about 3 in the morning, which isn't fun when you've got to wind down and be back up at 9 am. Which brings me to this quiz:

You Don't Get Enough Sleep

You definitely don't get enough sleep, and it's turning you into a mental zombie!
You need to get more sleep, starting tonight if possible.
Avoid caffeine, keep a regular bedtime, don't watch TV before bed, and sleep in complete darkness.

So I think I'll trundle off to bed now. I'd tell you more exciting things but there haven't been any. I still owe a few stories but I'll save that for another day. Good night.

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