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Friday, August 17, 2007

An eventful evening

We were checking in our order at the store when the power went out. It stayed out for almost three hours. The poor guys were putting things into the cooler by flashlight, and then we were one box short and had to go through every box to see what was missing.

Meanwhile, since we couldn't just lock up with the order coming in, I appointed myself gatekeeper of the door, going out in the rain (I'd already been drenched when I took out some trash) to tell people our power was out and they couldn't get gas or cigarettes, or whatever they were after. I was nice and apologetic. Several people figured it out on their own when they saw our lights out. But some had to be nudged away. I sent them down to places I knew were open. But Texas Roadhouse, Hooters, Kroger, and all of Man O'War Place, plus Wal-Mart, Shell, and BP looked down. Oddly enough, Movie Tavern had power. I can't imagine being in a theatre when the power went out. I hope they have emergency lights. Our exit signs and one spotlight worked; everything else was down. The Texas Roadhouse crew at one point was on their front steps taking group pictures, once the rain had lifted.

Of course the good news is we got rain; we're in a drought. I always said I'd like to be at the store when the power went out. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't fun, either; I'd rather have worked normally. Plus, power went out at my house (I don't live but two blocks away), so it was fun to reset the computer and modem to get online.

Anyway, that was my excitement for the evening. How about you?

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