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Friday, April 28, 2006

Yesterday was a blah day

It all caught up with me, and I felt really depressed. See, on top of the problems I'm having with the car and the financial fallout of that, plus the computer, I still haven't heard from my folks, someone is really angry at me and I'm not sure whether I can make it up to the person, my psychiatrist is leaving for New York so I have to find a new one, and my house is continuing to deteriorate because I am overwhelmed by the results of Darius' illness.

In other words, life is a reall mess right now.

But I do feel better today, and not to sound touchy-feely Christian, because I'm not, but I prayed about it (there's various Gods to pray too, after all), and I feel more like facing the challenges today. Yesterday I was just overwhelmed and after riding the buses to my psych appointment and to get my work schedule, I just didn't feel like being around anyone at all and just wanted to curl up in bed. Which I did. But I guess sometimes you just need a pause to reflect on the good and the bad and how to face both, right?

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