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Monday, April 03, 2006

Adding to the list of things otherwise educated people do

that really bug me. Today someone wrote on one of the lists I read: 'something peaked my interest'. It should be piqued. Another wrote 'right' rather than 'write'. Nevermind the loose/lose problem or things like a professor who once said 'epi-tome' (as in a book tome) rather than 'epi-to-me' (as in rhymes with me, or hyperbole) [see my rant from a few days ago]. :)

Granted, I'm not blameless. I often have to think about whether something lays or lies, for example. But in writing I guess I expect people to get it right, and especially homonyms just screw with people's attempts to express themselves intelligently. I'm sure if I ever become emperor of the world (or in my case, more likely the handmaiden and librarian of the emperor of the world), we'll get rid of homonyms altogether.

Why do I rant here? Because I can. It's my little corner of the Internet, a tabula rasa for me to express whatever I want, and that way I don't get into the etiquette vs. truth issues of correcting someone publically. I know, it's not like someone elected me the grammar police. But, gee, can we just have a little proofreading out there?

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