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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm home

Listening to: Chris Isaak, Always Got Tonight

after a fairly eventful afternoon. I went in to Job #2 (the public television station) to see about getting some tapes that I can view at home and create outlines for a project my boss wants. It was fairly easy to get there--I just took the Woodhill bus downtown, transferred to Tates Creek, then got off at Cooper and walked about half a mile to the station. But I discovered it wasn't *quite* as easy to get back. It turns out that Tates Creek doesn't come back up the street for which it's named until night time. Instead, it goes up Nicholasville Road and up by the UK hospital. So, I wound up walking over there through the campus. I took a nice picture of a crabapple in bloom, as you can see. Then I caught the bus, went downtown, transferred to Richmond Road, and got off to get a money order for the balance of my rent (on time again, woo-hoo). I also got some seed packets of perennials that will make a nice beginning to a cottage garden. I got back on the bus and this time got off at the Eagle Creek library (the closest stop to home). I went into the library and got the following books:

  • The Complete book of garden design, construction, and planting

  • Creating a cottage garden

  • Christopher Lloyd's flower garden

  • Using herbs in the landscape

I also got the Chris Isaak CD and R.E.M's Murmur, a knitting DVD, and the movie The Aviator. I was at the library till right about dark, then walked home, and indeed here I am.

I felt better overall today than yesterday. The only bad thing about today was that I had a bad hair day from some of the bath oil getting in my hair when I took that bath this morning. It feels greasy, and looked stringy, and short of taking a shower, nothing was going to help its limp character. :[

But that was it. Tomorrow my shift at the gas station is going to the new guy (yes, I'm fine with that, I've been working too many hours there a week), so I'll do some yard work and plant the seeds I bought instead. Yay! Gardening at last!

Well, I'm going to finish up dinner from Subway and then do some reading. I'm in the middle of a Charlaine Harris murder mystery, Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (an Aurora Teagarden mystery), and I'm keen to finish it. Goodnight for now.

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