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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I think my mother may be right

I think Darius may have tapeworms. They fit his symptoms (loss of weight, diarrhea, unkempt look) and I think I've found signs of shed segments. That means I have to get some praziquantel, which is relatively cheap these days now that it's over-the-counter (although it's still $19.99 for 3 pills!) I'm going to try at Incredipet or PetSmartsince I live nearby and I don't have a current vet. If that doesn't work, I really think it's time to take him to a vet. I'm pretty impressed with the Gainesway Veterinary Clinic; it's just a matter of how to get him over there. That might be a run I'll have to enlist Dee for. We'll see. Bless his heart, he eats and eats and doesn't seem to be able to put on any weight. That could be thyroid, too. But he had fleas last summer and fall, so it could very well be the worms. Ironically, it was always Spock I had to treat before, since he attracted fleas if there were any in a mile radius, being white, and occasionally he'd have a shed segment or actual worm. (And yes, they're icky, and they make a popping noise when you kill the buggers, too.) Darius never showed any signs, but then most cats don't. Now if I can get the medicine and then keep any fleas from getting to them this year--I need to get some Frontline early, before it becomes scarcer than gold at the vet offices or at Woodstock. I also need to hit Woodstock for Cerys and Darius' shots, they're due, or overdue, actually, even if it means missing the game for one day, or else go ahead and take them to the Gainesway clinic, now that I have some better cash flow and can afford it.

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