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Friday, April 07, 2006

An adventure

Listening to: Rob Thomas, "I Am an Illusion"

Today I discovered there is a bus that never goes to the transit centre, but goes between Centre Parkway/Appian Way and Hamburg Pavillion and back. It only runs Monday through Friday, but it has the unique character of going within 2 blocks of my house, running right by D's (yes, this is the one that drives her crazy and wakes her up), and near some other friends as well. Nifty.

I went out to Hamburg Pavillion (have I mentioned how much I hate walking around this shopping hell, as it isn't pedestrian friendly?) to look for the medicine for Darius, but unfortunately, Petsmart was out of it (and Incredipet doesn't even carry it). So, it was sort of wasted as trips go, although I did have supper at Backyard Burger (where I had a gardenburger and waffle fries), went to Meijer's and found some clothes I'd like to get (but didn't, being fiscally responsible), and then over to Barnes and Noble, where I also escaped without getting anything but a mocha frappaccino from Starbucks. I did get some reading done at whilst eating and drinking.

It was nice to shop, and I got some ideas for things I'd like to do. It was raining when I started, but it was sunny as I walked home from the bus stop. (It's raining again now; actually it just hailed!) Then I came home and watched a couple of hours of CSI on Spike TV. Now I'm recording Doctor Who for later. So now I'm listening to Rob Thomas' Something to Be album and blogging, another day heading to its conclusion.

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