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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well, for someone who just received a DVD burner for her birthday

this is interesting: PCWorld.com - Download Movies Legally, for a Price. But I'd like it better if you could burn a copy of the movie to play on a regular home DVD player rather than just on a computer with an internet connexion. One, home theatres tend to have better sound than home computers. Two, you're shelling out $20-$30 for a new release, $10-$20 for catalogue titles, comparable to a DVD, but without the DVD extras. It's mainly competing with video-on-demand features of digital cable, but of course those cost about $3-$4 to play for up to 24 hours, but you can record them with the right equipment. (I'm not sure of the legality, and I personally don't have the right equipment, but I know it's possible.) So I don't know how it will fare. We'll see.

Hmmm...I need to look into a way to transfer my old home movies to DVD. Some are in 8mm format, some in VHS from back when I had a video camera. They include movies of me as a child with my grandmother, my great-grandmother when she was quite old, and Spock when he was just a kitten.

Speaking of Spock, tomorrow would have been his 18th birthday. I miss that big dumb white cat. :)

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