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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Taking a break

From straightening up the living room.  I have been steadily working for about an hour or so (previous to that I was fixing my Internet connexion). There's so much to do,  but I'm organising as I go.  I consolidated my meds,  for example.  They are usually kept in one place,  but I changed that so that now my inbox for mail and my bill keeper/important documents box is within easy access.

I think I'll have a little non-sleeping quiet time and then work on a book review that's overdue on the computer. I have to admit,  though,  I have been crafting Excel formulae a good portion of the day,  so I am not too keen about sitting down in front of the screen and writing.  I am on my phone,  now,  you see. Oh, well.  I have to finish. I'll try to write here later,  too.

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