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Monday, October 06, 2014

I wish it had been more sweeping

but I'm glad for the folks in several states who can now marry. I just wish Kentucky was one of them. I have every faith that eventually it will all work out. But as the article points out, many gay couples, especially those who have been together for years and are getting up in age, may be running out of time. For those of us who would like to see our friends and loved ones marry, or who would like to marry our loved ones, it is very frustrating.

Supreme Court Order Leaves Some Same-Sex Couples 'in the Dark'
The Supreme Court on Monday allowed gays and lesbians to wed in at least five more states, but advocates say their work isn't done because same-sex couples in some 20 states are still living under gay marriage bans that deny them many benefits.

The high court’s order applies to Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana and Virginia — where the challenges initiated. The order will likely expand to six other states in the area covered by the three circuit courts that had previously ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, bringing to 30 the number of states that allow gay nuptials (D.C. does, too). That means gay couples in 20 states will feel no direct impact from the court’s action.

“The ruling today means we’ll be left in the dark for who knows how many decades. Mississippi will be last and they will go kicking and screaming when they do,” said Charlene Smith-Smathers, a 63-year-old Mississippi state employee whose wife Dee, 73, is facing serious health troubles. “Dee is probably not going to live long enough to see it and that’s really depressing.”

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