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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well, it's after midnight

and the debit is still showing as pending on my account, so it's neither fallen off nor posted, so I'll wait and see what happens tomorrow. The good news is I got paid, and I'm very tempted to go out right now and buy toilet paper and gas, but I think I'll resist, and just take care of everything in the morning. :) All I can say is thank you Little Clinic at the Tates Creek Kroger's, for passing out little facial tissue packets earlier this year for free. I very rarely keep Kleenexes or other types of tissue in the house, as I use paper towels usually to blow my nose, and I'm even out of those. :) Okay, too much information, I guess. I really have over-shared a great deal this week. I think I'm a little lonely, since I've been spending so much time at the house alone. :(

Tomorrow I'm going to go over and take A on a grocery run for a dinner they're having with a cousin and co-worker (one and the same) on Saturday. I can get toilet paper and other things I need then, thankfully, but the gas will really have to be on the way to work tomorrow. I wonder if the price will be the same. It was a low $2.99 when I went by this afternoon, and the pumps were filled. So, anyway, between that and the dishes, which I'm not up to tonight, I need to get up early tomorrow. So, I'm going to head on to bed. Good night.

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