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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Speaking of scary viruses, hopefully parents out there are taking note and teaching kids the basics of infection control (and especially handwashing)

After Death of New Jersey Boy From Enterovirus 68, Worry Grows Among Parents
Eli Waller’s parents thought it best to keep their 4-year-old son home from school, worried that he might have pink eye and could infect other children.

But they could not have suspected that their son was harboring a much more troubling virus, one that has been spreading across the country with unexpected virulence and is being investigated as a possible cause of severe respiratory illness and other complications.

When Eli went to bed on Sept. 24 in his family’s home in Hamilton Township, N.J., he seemed healthy. By morning, he was dead.

“He was asymptomatic and fine, and the next morning he had passed,” said Jeffrey Plunkett, the township’s health officer. “The onset was very rapid and very sudden.”

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