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Thursday, October 30, 2014

One last post for the night

As I share the final picture with caramel and pecans on the cheesecake. I've hammered some gingersnaps into pieces in a bag and will include that with directions to add to top of cake as desired when ready to serve. All in all, I'm four gingersnaps short of using an entire pound in this cheesecake (so of course I ate those four), along with four packages of cream cheese and most of a stick of butter. I hate to see what the calorie and fat content of this is. Oh, and let's not forget a half a jar of caramel. This looks and smells absolutely decadent. Now to wrap it up, put it in the refrigerator overnight, do some cleanup, and then you know what, I'm pooped. I hope it is well received. Is it time for bed yet? (I'm so tired I forgot to attach the picture the first time I posted this...good night!)

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