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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Not surprising

Siri ... why is this semi headed RIGHT AT ME? Phone apps distracting as ever – new study: Hands-free tech still not so safe, claim researchers
Using your phone's cyber-slave by voice while focusing on the road? You're not as safe as you think, according to AAA.

The US auto club said it found apps such as Siri, and in-car personal assistant systems, are far more distracting than expected.

A study [PDF] AAA carried out with the University of Utah found that using voice commands to dial numbers, changing the music, and similar tasks while on the road, was more taxing on the mind of drivers than normal tasks, such as chatting to a passenger or listening to the radio.
I've watched people using their 'hands-free' technology in the car, including the Bluetooth through the car console. Often they lean towards the little monitor. They definitely are not really paying attention to the road. Best thing to do in the car? Leave Siri or other assistants and the phone itself off.

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