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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Peeling butternut squash

with a potato peeler is no easy task. And you get your hands covered in this stuff that, when it hardens, peels off like skin. In fact, it may actually be my skin peeling--I can't tell. Weird. I helped YKWIA with that and with using a hand mixer to make a three-bowl batter for clafoutis, because hand mixers are made for right-handed people and years of home oeconomics made me somewhat an expert on cleanly beating batters without splatters. Tomorrow I've told A I would help get the house ready for their company by sweeping and mopping. I'm also bringing ice and Saran wrap. I plan on getting there early, around 9 am, so I should go to bed soon, as it's just after 1 am. But I don't think I'll be there very late tomorrow. I actually bought a paper today for the Weekender to see if there was anything fun and cheap to do this weekend.

This morning both of my bosses came to the library and asked if I would be willing to temporarily (for 8-12 weeks) take on yet another job for the hospital, scheduling patients, as there are several pregnant women in that department who are ready to give birth pretty much all at once, and they need a temporary part-time person to do it. So next week I'll be training there from 9 am-1 pm Monday, Tuesday, and maybe Wednesday. This will mean cutting into my library hours, as those are in the morning. We're not doing anything different with my pay or the process I use for clocking in and out and doing a labour transfer from one job to the other, so the pay will be the same, which is good, as the library rate is probably higher. So I need to juggle the library, the scheduling job, the charge entry and reconciliation, and obtaining doctors' referrals so everything gets done. It'll probably be a little more stressful, but overall I think it's doable. Meanwhile, I have a replacement physician appointee for my library committee, and I have to try to schedule a meeting soon. I hope everything works out pretty well.

I went in early and got off an hour early today. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees and sunny after days of cold rain. Then I went by the grocery, took YKWIA to an appointment, got something from Long John Silver's, took him to get a couple of things from the grocery, and then helped with the squash and clafoutis. Now I think it is time for bed. Good night.

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