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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not that anyone will get it

But I'm going as the Lady of Shalott for Halloween.  I have a beautiful cranberry long skirt in velvet and satin,  along with a blouse that has a sort of fantasy mediaeval look with flared sleeves in the same colour. I just used a cashback bonus with Amazon for a dark red wig.  We'll see how that looks.

Okay,  so I'll be a somewhat rotund doomed fae,  but still...we'll see if anyone at work is familiar with Arthurian legend, the famous poem by Alfred,  Lord Tennyson (or the song by Loreena McKennitt based upon it),  or several pre-Raphaelite paintings with her as the subject,  including the one with her in the boat by John William Waterhouse (which I've included here.) :)

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