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Thursday, October 30, 2014

I had a really great time today

dressed up for our trick-or-treating at work. The kids were absolutely cute, everything from dinosaurs to Disney princesses, to Thomas the Tank Engine. One of our departments went as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with disposable turkey roasters on their backs painted green with the appropriate initial, etc. Another did a farmer and his animals. There were super-heroes and super-heroines in abundance. And one lady had a great shirt that said, 'If the broom fits, ride it.' Few of my co-workers really knew anything about the subject of my costume, but I got many compliments, including people who thought I'd do well as a redhead. I realised the wig could be used for Ariel or maybe even Merida from Disney, although the latter has very curly hair. The wig worked pretty well, although like all wigs it was a little itchy and hot. Here is what I looked like:

I got caught up on other things at work that had taken a back burner to the scheduling training. I'm going to go back up there tomorrow for a couple of hours and spend some time up there next week, as well. Since work, I have:
  1. Hunted down the ingredients necessary for pumpkin gingersnap caramel cheesecake for the dessert contest tomorrow, as well as a fruit bowl for the birthday baby shower we're having.
  2. Brought home a small pumpkin to carve for the contest tomorrow.
  3. Gotten all the groceries in, although of course the one bag I dropped had eggs in it. Only one broke, though, and I was able to salvage it for cheesecake.
  4. Put the cold groceries away.
  5. Taken the itchy, hot wig off.
  6. Returned my hair to something resembling it's normal appearance, so it isn't sticking up in all directions.
  7. Gotten into shorts and a tank top.
  8. Taken my dentures and contacts out, and set them both to soaking in cleansers of the appropriate type.
  9. Scrubbed all the makeup off my face.
  10. Put all the makeup I had strewn around the bathroom back where it belongs.
  11. Eaten some Kroger Tuscany bean salad, cheese, and crusty bread.
  12. Sat down and gone, 'whew!'
So now it's 7 pm. I need a little decompression time before beginning to carve and bake. I must remember that 'The Big Bang Theory' is on tonight, back in its regular slot. But in the meantime, I'm going to chill for a bit. If I start things about 8:30 it should work out.

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