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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The game was nice

We've had some downtime but it looks like we've got one, possibly two, adventures starting.  Also, three characters that have been in limbo have finally gotten out of the reality bubble they were in and are pursuing leads on a case. It involves a murder on a train (very popular--we had one already, and then there's the infamous 'Horror on the Orient Express' which we haven't gotten to.)  Our gamemaster has been presenting the stories mostly in order according to alphabet as a way to randomise, although certain adventures have to take place at certain times of the year or before another.)  I must remember how to play my character; it's been so long.  Somewhere I have a small notebook with her abilities; I'm pretty sure I know where it is.  Funny how I organise other people's stuff for a living but have trouble with my own.  It is nice to have a clean house though.  Clean, mind you, but not totally in place.  I should go through the closets and drawers and do a purge. Unfortunately Margaret doesn't have a character for that particular adventure.  But I'm sure we'll have something for her to participate in soon. Also, my character on the train is a cousin to one of hers, and they're both necromancers, so she'll get to see her in action.

I am tired, having gotten up at 3:30 am. I think I'll go on to bed.  Ever since I put the call in to Insight about the wonky cable access, it has worked fine.  Murphy's Law, I guess, but I'll keep the appointment just in case it will be an ongoing issue.

Good night.

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