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Sunday, September 22, 2002

Well, I never made it to the Farmer's Market (I slept until 2pm). However, I did go grocery shopping later, so that worked out pretty well. I also talked with my neighbour--he says that the mosquitoes are probably in the crawlspace under the apartments. The entrance to ours is right in front of my door, and that's where they're congregating. So he's going to put in a work order to bomb that area underneath. In the meantime, I didn't get stuff today, but I'll walk over to Walgreens tomorrow when I pick up my meds and get some stuff there. On a happier note, I did use bug spray last night and I don't think I got any new bites. As I commented below, I'm not oblivious to West Nile virus--I'm just trying not to dwell on it because it would feed my anxiety problems. But it's certainly a reason to get rid of any breeding areas underneath the building.

I'm sitting here watching my fish. The tetras tend to stay together as a school. All the others go their own way. The babies seem to taunt the bigger fish, but really, they're too big to be eaten by anything smaller than an oscar at this point, so I think they're pretty safe. The new filter has really livened up the tank. It's made a small current that seems to make the fish more active.

I'm not a cookie fanatic, but I picked up some Coconut Chips Deluxe by Keebler while at the store. (To be rationed carefully, I assure you). Very tasty. I love macaroons, and they're sort of chocolate-chip macaroons.

Watched Harry Potter for the second time this week. I'm rereading the books right now, hoping the fifth will come out soon. I"m ready for the second movie, too. We started out watching Angels & Insects, but everyone else was bored by it, and I wasn't really in the mood for a deep art film. Sometimes you just have to have Quidditch. There are four movies that just put me in a grand mood: Mummy, Mummy Returns, Stargate, and Harry Potter. I can't explain why. They all have a lot of imagination and rich settings/costuming. That's the only thing I can think of. So, you'll probably hear me talk about them over and over. I watch them more for the mood, usually on weekends, than for the stories now, as I have most of the line memorised by now. :)

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