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Monday, September 09, 2002

Ack, let's liven things up!

Okay, the poopie thing worked in my mood the other night, but it would even drag Marvin the Robot down further, so I decided to go with sunny day colours instead. Hope you like them.

What I'm up to...

I finally got to watch all of the "megaseries" Dinotopia last night. It was wonderful! How could it not be, with a dinosaur linguist librarian who is determined to win at ping pong, even if he does have to prop the scrolls up as a net? So today I decided to check some things out about it. I'd seen the books but hadn't actually read any. I'm going to have to check them out. I'm happy to see that a series is planned this fall--and on ABC, meaning I can still watch it even without cable! :)

I did LOTS of walking this weekend. I missed my bus Saturday night, so I walked about 2 miles home. Next day, I took the bus to Kroger but walked about a mile with a backpack full of books, dice, and beads, carrying bribes for the game. (Do you have any idea how much a backpack full of beads weighs, especially if they're real stone, meaning I suppose that I was carrying a bunch of "very small rocks" around? And we all know they don't float!) So I'm sore, and sleepy (I was up till two last night doing some research on Hellenistic magical religious practices--did I meantion I have eclectic interests?) and I have to be on campus tonight for DBT, but I managed to get a ride with a coworker, so that was good, especially as it's so hot. It's supposed to cool down about 20 degrees this week, though. And at least for now, bus rides are free with campus IDs. So, life is good. But tonight I think I'm going home and just curl up with my animals for awhile, just the same.

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