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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Oh, dear, my Americanism came forward...at first I thought I thought they meant as in "Winnie"...

I went to The Quiz Blog and found a quiz called 'what poo are you'. [Note: I've since removed the link because it went wherever old decrepit links go. Suffice to say I came out as 'vegetarian poo'.

[I don't know what came over me. Yes, the 'h' was missing. But people online are notoriously bad spellers. And...well...Americans don't generally say 'poo' unless they're in drag, and then it's like, "Well, poo, dahling, what is one to do?", not in the excrement sense. We say 'poop'. But since it's uncharacteristic of me to surf online looking for poop, I thought I might as well include it. Granted, you may not be edified by my blog today, but hey, were you expecting poetry?]

As for the answer, I guess it's okay, since I am a vegetarian, or at least a pesce-one.

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