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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Giggle...I have fan mail

So the thing with trying to get my comments back up isn't working. Seems I can't remember any username/passwords today (the latest at YACCS, whereas earlier it was the New England Journal of Medicine. ) Alas.

So I requested my hint, without results (maybe I should be more patient) but by checking my e-mail I found that I have...a fan. Named Michael. Who works in a library. And is also married to a librarian. (Wondering how many sentence fragments I can string together?)

Anyway, thanks for the mail, Michael, and for sharing your Friday Five with me. Blogging is great for writers--and it's free. :) And don't worry, I won't hold your being Christian against you...I may even send you a chocolate bunny card next spring. I was about to say that some of my best friends are Christian (but really, there is one nominal but very political Christian in a field of Pagans and Jews. So...hmmm...well, some of my best acquaintances are Christian.) I rather agree that most people are either good or not, regardless of religion. Except maybe Satanists. Don't they by definition have to be bad, at least from a Christian standpoint?

Anyway, welcome to the readership. I'll really try to get my links back up soon. Maybe YACCS will get back to me, too.

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